Nov 28, 2011

Hair Help

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It wasn't long ago that my hairstyle pretty much consisted of one of two styles, the messy bun or the ponytail.  My hair ties could be found every where I went, just in case.  But a little over a year ago I committed to trying harder with my hair (and clothers etc) and my hair was whacked off in an imposible to get into a ponytail style.

I love the style and it really isn't that hard to do at all.  But since I've made this leap I've learned a few things about having a REAL hairstyle.

First of all, since I am NOT a person who can wear hats there is no way, I means seriously absolutely positively NO way, I can hop out of bed and go ANYWHERE, like even to the mailbox, without washing and styling my hair.  My husband and kids LOVE to point out my unique 'style' on the days I don't do this and hang out in my jammies. 

Secondly, to get a good style, you really do have invest at least a little bit into it.  I am not good at spending money on myself so this one isn't easy for me but I have found a little investment really goes a long way in how I feel about myself.  So don't skimp on the stylist!  A $10 hair cut is great, for my boys.  If it ends up lopsided and weird they can always  rock the crew cut for awhile until it grows out.  But a good stylist can give you a style you'll love and you can actually work with. They should actually LISTEN to you and tell you what they can do and what will work for you.  This doesn't mean you have to spend $100 on a cut, I actually found an amazing stylist for $15, it just took a little looking around!

And even the best cut in the world won't look so hot if you won't shell out for some decent products and tools.  I am totally guilty here but I have found that I can get away with going cheaper on the shampoo if I splurge on my spray wax.   And I'm still perfecting my hair styling toolbox.  I grew up using hair curling irons and honestly haven't perfected the use of the round brush and hair dryer yet.  I just feel horribly uncoordinated and like I have the worlds shortest arms.  But I am thinking I really need to get a titanium flat iron, as that's what my stylist uses and it works so great for her.  But I haven't used a flat iron in years and that was a big wide thing that I clearly didn't know what I was doing with as it left marks in my hair and you could SMELL my hair burning.  Maybe, just maybe I'll have this whole hair thing down by the time I'm thirty!  Maybe it IS a good thing I only had boys!!


  1. I had a Chi flat iron which was over $100 for years, but I reluctantly bought another flat iron last month for yet another $100 BECAUSE the temperature is adjustable. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference that makes. HUGE!

  2. I have never bought a flat iron, maybe I should. I have spent money to get my hair cut well, and it can be a good investment. If you go to really good salon for great cut, you can go to a more cost effective place and have them follow the lines of the original cut. I will never do my own color again, it was a disaster and I had to spend a fortune to get it back to normal! Thanks for a great post on something we all deal with!!


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