Apr 15, 2008

Our New Family Endeavor

For the last several year our family (and extended family) have been involved with the American Cancer Society event Relay For Life. While it has been a ton of fun and is an amazing cause, last year we decided that will would not have a team at this years event. While our immediate family plans to attend the event we will not be dedicating so much time to planning and fundraising efforts as in the past.
But still feeling a very near and dear connection to the fight to find a cure for cancer, this year our household has decided to get involved in a silghtly different way. The first year we participated in the Relay there was an amazing little boy there who was going through treatment for cancer. Aside from his adorable little bald head, you would have been hard pressed to know he was under going such difficult treatments as he was a totally upbeat happy little boy. The following year, he was selected to be honored as the Jr Honorary chair of the event. He attended that years kick off event where it was announced that he was selected and he still was as happy as ever. However, he never made it to that Relay in July. Instead in his honor we walked a Super Hero themed lap because of his love of all things super hero. As the mother of little boys (also in love with super heros) it did (and still does) break my heart to think about what that family was going through.
So this year Tom, the boys and I will be helping to raise money for The Super Jake Foundation. The way we've committed to do this is to help with the Super Jake Hero Bash which will be held on November 8th at the Hilton, in Northbrook. Tom will be the DJ for the evening and the boys and I will be helping with whatever we can!


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