Apr 9, 2008


OK so I've obviously known for awhile was outnumbered gender wise. And it's been awhile now since I've realized that boys are really and truly just wired different. They have a sense of humor, those of us of the female form just don't seem to get. But I have to admit I was still a little surprised when my newest little man reminded me of this the other day.
I'm sitting in bed with the older boys reading their bedtime stories when I begin to heard some odd noises. Upon further review...it's my oh so graceful husband belching at my 2 month old son who is in turn laughing the first real laughs of his life. YES son #3 finds gas hysterical ALREADY!
I am definitely going to have to get a female pet or something!

##edited to include a photo of his enjoyment of gas##


  1. LMAO! I have a female cat you can have...she drives me crazy! ;-)

  2. LMAO! I have a female cat you can have...she drived me crazy! ;-)


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