Aug 22, 2008

My boys

Took a little trip to Illinois Beach State Park to scout out some good photography sites. And I had some of my favorite models with we took a couple pics. They were being less than cooperative (including the BIG one) so I didn't get very many that turned out but here's what I got that I liked.

Looking out at the lake:

My three little pigs, I mean boys :) This was the most impossible shot, of course it didn't help that I probably got a couple great shots to start but then realized...there was no memory card IN the camera...
My little stinker, I mean thinker. He's at that age where he just can't smile nicely on demand for anything. But this is very much HIM, so I really like it.

My edit with some lyrics to a song I love and is so perfect to dedicate to one of your children. (Note: I can't do this with copyrighted material on anything for sale, this is simply for my own personal use!)

My little ham. He could totally be a model if he were at all cooperative but he's too busy doing his own thing most of the time.
Another edit with lyrics to a different song. Same sentiment though.

Then there's my BIG kid :)


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