Sep 9, 2008

that's how we roll

I had my camera out this past weekend just playing around. But I got a couple of pictures that I really thought captured life at our house...
My super cool dude...(what you can't see in this photo is that despite the fact that he's wearing a tank and shorts, he's wearing winter gloves, miss matched of course!)
My goofball...(something is wrong in this picture, 5 points if you can find it)
My chow hound...(as if you didn't already know what his favorite activity was)


  1. Oh, oh..His shoes are on the wrong feet! So what do I win????? :-D

  2. You win 5 points! Aren't you excited? That and a dollar something and you can buy a soda :)

  3. lol...does it count that I *thought* of it before K posted it? Do I get 6 points? LOL

  4. how about a nice shiny Bozo button? :)

  5. no fair! i noticed the 'flaw' in the pic too... just wasnt the 1st to comment... BOO now i dont get my 5 points lol....

    love the new layout, btw :)

    and your sons (my cousins!) are adorable :)

    p.s. arent u glad i finally learned how to comment even tho i dont have a blogger ID? LOL!



  6. oh I'm an equal opportunity point giver...since they don't cost me mcuh...POINTS FOR EVERYONE :)


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