Nov 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Although I didn't think I'd manage to get online I am.  

So since I already did my thankful list...I thought I'd share some photos.
At lunch trying to get a good photo with Gramma, but Bryan was soo soo grumpy today.  His first two teeth are in that almost through in and then covered back up stage.  At least I assume that's why he's so darn crappy.  I'm hoping this isn't a permanent personality he's developing, as much as it's become very clear that he will have a temper and won't be afraid to vocalize it.  Sometimes this week I'll post a video clip of him, pre-tantrum stage but just a frustrated...something.  I don't even know how to describe'll just have to wait.
As you can see it didn't go well...

Here are my little turkeys.  For whom I am very thankful.

Then since Tom was exhausted...yeah I don't know WHY.  I mean really he only got up at like 1am and was at the church at like 3am helping prepare everything there.  (I on the other hand was allowed to sleep to a leisurely 7am, when I was rudely awakened by a tiny finger nail being poked into my lower calf.)  Anyway, I think I got sidetracked there, since he was tired, I attempted to give him a break from the noisy boys and let them play outside in the "snow."  I LOL because while I suppose technically there was snow on the ground it wasn't MY definition of playing in the snow.  
It was a little like playing in the sand...white, cold sand.

And it occasionally looked like playing in the snow.

And then there's the best example of brotherly love.  Timmy was making snow balls for Johnny...

shoot I didn't upload the action shot but I'm sure you can guess what happened next.

***I'm working on a 12 days of Christmas giveway***
Please spread the word!!!!  Details to come...


  1. Those are such great pictures. Even the ones when the baby wasn't wanting his picture taken. Too cute.

  2. Great pics! It must be the saw the Maddie tantrum pic from thanksgiving. He's still too adorable though!


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