Dec 20, 2008

An awesome shaving product.

I recently had the offer to do a review of a shaving product and I figured since I have to shave, at least once in awhile whether I want to or not, I could do that.

Today I decided to give it a try. I read the directions, apply 5-7 drops to wet skin and shave. It said it could be use with or with a shaving gel and since I usually just use soap/body wash I tried it solo. It also says to rinse the razor frequently, which made me a tad nervous that it may leave razor sticky or something. But I have to say it's a really awesome product. It has a great smell and just 5 drops really did work even for my legs. And I'm serious when I say its the best shave I've had in the few short minutes a mother of 3 is allowed in a shower. Thoroughly convinced this was a good product, I gave the nod to my husband to give it a try. He has pretty sensitive skin (compared to my legs at least) so I told him to test it on a small spot...just in case. But he loved it. He said he didn't feel a thing compared to his normal shaving and got a nice close shave too.
So Pacific Shaving Company and their All Natural Shaving Oil, get TWO big thumbs up from the Noel household. And when our little bottle (that lasts 100 shaves) runs out we'll be getting another for sure!!!

Here's the info from their website, but I'd highly recommend heading to their site, to give it try:

Good things come in little packages.
Like our small but mighty™ bottle of All Natural Shaving Oil. Made from essential oils, this tiny miracle (with up to 100 shaves in a half-ounce bottle) works wonders for both men and women on even the most sensitive skin.

See? Size doesn’t always matter.

All Natural Shaving Oil™ offers a consistently smooth shave, reduces nicks and razor burn, and leaves your skin conditioned and moisturized - all with the best natural ingredients available and no mess to clean up when finished!

Good for you. Good for your wallet. Good for the earth. Learn more.


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