Dec 21, 2008

Catch up!

Ok I have a temporary fix to get photos loaded to my laptop...thanks to my hubby. I was starting to go through withdrawals with just being able to view them on the tiny screen. So here are a few things from this past week...hope you enjoy them.

First was a very quick family shoot done this week for some last minute Christmas cards. But don't feel bad Jen, I just gave up on the idea of sending any of my own this year!!
Then I got a great surprise impromptu shoot with the cutest little two week old baby. He is seriously adorable, and though I'll deny it to my grave if my kids ever ask, I think he may be cuter than any of my own were at that tiny age. Both his mom and dad are fire fighters!
Then Thursday night, the predicted snow was late in getting to us so we were able to get to Timmy's first school concert. It was short but sweet (very sweet actually). The photos turned out horribly but it occurred to me to get a video for the last song and I'm glad I did, it was super cute.
****sorry battery is about to die and the upload is not complete. I will have to upload tomorrow.****

Then the snow did hit, and we had a snow day on Friday. Although I'll be honest and say my kids very rarely go out to play in the snow because...well it;s just too stink' much work and in our neighborhood I'm just starting to be ok with letting them out without me (only if I can see them out the window though). But anyway, in my world snow days always equal playing in the snow. So when Bryan went down for a nap I was able to go through all the bundling needed. And to my surprise they were out for a pretty long time, for them. But of course I had to get photos before they were 'released' to play.

Saturday afternoon, we ventured out to G'pa & G'ma Nugent's house. They too were still in need of Christmas card photos. Because of the time crunch and my technical issues (did I mention my darn card reader died! Guess where I won't be going to buy a new one?) I took some with their camera and then just a couple with mine because they were looking to great to pass up.
After a quick break for warming up and grabbing lunch, G'pa took the boys out and let them decorate a snow man that Unc Alex and his friends had built. The pieces were a present G'ma had sitting, just waiting for some little guys. Makes a super cute snowman, don't you think?

When we got home we finally put up our Christmas tree. It actually looks like our regular tree had a baby but since last year we've added a love seat, a baby and a dog into our lives and living room so there just wasn't room for a our big beautiful tree. But if I do say so myself I think I did pretty good for a Walmart tree and dollar store ornaments! New ornaments were needed because the old tree was what I call my department store tree. It was all gold and pearl glass bulbs, solid color lights and gold ribbon as garland. It was gorgeous, or at least I think it was. But we had planned on converting to a more family friendly tree and I figured what better time than the year that glass and our living room just should NOT go together. While Bryan is about as mobile as he is in this photo, he's still wreaking havoc on those bottom branches! So anyway here's the new and improved Noel family tree.


  1. Holy snowman, batgirl!

    That baby is adorable!!! Gracious.

  2. All the pics are gorgeous. I do love the one of the baby. Just precious!

  3. Gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful pictures. WTG, girl!!!


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