Dec 1, 2008

"Not Me" Monday

Once again, it's time for "Not Me" Monday...being brutally honest and living to tell about!

I did NOT work less than three days, yet end up being totally exhausted by last night.

I did NOT pick up 1200 oz of canned sweet potatoes.

I did NOT pick up 15 Kringle's. (For those not from our area, they are super yummy breakfast pastry thing)

And truthfully I didn't eat a bite of either. They were both for the TDay dinner at the church.

I did not get teary eyed several times at the church. I don't ever cry in public and I certainly wouldn't get emotional over 100+ men and women who came to our church out of basic training as they entered the room to a standing ovation. Or when one of them shared how grateful they were not only for the meal but all the other things that were provided for them during that entire day.

I did NOT at any time on Thursday feel any disappointment about how our day went or that we spent most of it apart. That would be so ridiculous considering we were able to be together at all. That's all that should matter.

I did NOT stop and consider buying stuffing, the pre-made kind that is likely more expensive per pound than gold, simply because we didn't have any left overs. That would be lazy and ridiculous when I am completely capable of making it the "normal" way. And I would never NEED left overs for it to "feel" like it was really Thanksgiving either! How absurd.

I did NOT let my kids at slightly obnoxious in a restaurant on Friday. We certainly did not OPEN and put together their storm trooper helmets while the entire restaurant looked on and then leave the pile of garbage at the table. (I promise they said it was ok, really.)

I did NOT end up cleaning up a LARGE amount of vomit later that night, of which a VERY small percent made it INTO the toilet. On it, around it and on the way to it but not IN it.

And I of course did NOT spend anytime considering the contents of said vomit. That would be disgusting!

I did NOT stay up until almost 2am for no real reason at all, playing online.

I did NOT wake up Saturday feeling like I would be following suit. Hand over Bryan and return to bed. That would be shocking.

I did NOT lay around the rest of the day in such a pitiful way that Tom asked me to go back to bed at one point because he didn't like "Seeing" me "like that."

I did NOT consider that I could have avoided catching this bug had I gone to sleep at a reasonable hour. It would be pointless to spend time pondering the what ifs.

I did NOT have my 10 month old throw up into my blanket that night. This would be impossible of course because he does NOT sleep with me every night!

And I DID NOT simply fold the blanket so the vomit was covered and let him continue to sleep on it figuring if he got sick again at least it'd be on the same blanket. That would be gross and unsanitary.

I did NOT them let that blanket sit (after removing it from my bed when we woke at 5am) for the entire day before actually getting into the wash.

I did NOT let the boys eat apples and peanuts for breakfast because its what they could get themselves.

I did NOT miss church and still feel like it can't be Monday because of this nasty bug.

And I did NOT purchase a camera flash with money I have not yet made, in hopes of making it this week and not wanting to miss a good price!


  1. Very fun "not me's" and certainly many which I can relate to! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I hope that everyone is feeling better over there. Atleast it was the blanket and not the carpet. Ugh. I would totally buy the flash too!

  3. Ugh. Hope everyone is feeling better. Yay for new flash!

  4. At first I thought it was a typo - and then I read on - great list - where does one buy than many cans of anything???

  5. great list...what a week.
    Hope everyone is feeling better.

  6. Hope you're all feeling better, and I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one to ever look at vomit and think, "Now, when did she eat that?"


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