Dec 18, 2008

Not THAT bad!

So I had my "procedure" done this morning. I had gotten myself so nervous about the pain I was envisioning that I was actually praying they wouldn't be able to do it. But they were able to...and it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd worked myself up to thinking. I wouldn't sign up to do it for the fun of it. But for the peace of mind it was 100% worth it. It not only showed there was nothing to worry about but it also answered a question I didn't even know I had until a friend pointed out that something else I'd experienced wasn't exactly the norm either. I'm not normal, as my family would also attest too, but the abnormality isn't anything of concern and should never cause anything of concern. WOOOOHOOO!! A big yay for healthy boobs! :)
So again I remind everyone don't put off these types of tests no matter how horrible they sound because it's just not worth it!!

As for my mom, still waiting for some answers for her. Right now our prayer is that she could be out of the hospital for Christmas!!!!!!!!!! We still won't be see her either way but who wants to be in the hospital for holidays!?!? We are still working out what we'll do Christmas day...I suggested a traditional Christmas (frozen) lasagna but I was veto! And we hope to be able to see my mom on Saturday to celebrate with her!


  1. Yeah for your test. I have to do that the beginning of the year. I have already had two. They are really not that bad...a little discomfort but nothing that terrible. Sorry to hear about your mom. I will continue to pray.

  2. so exactly what was this test that u were all worried about? a mammogram?? *megan*

    p.s. im prayin for ur mama :)

  3. Glad the test went well and everything looks good! Hope your mom is able to go home for the holidays.

  4. No I had the mammogram last week, that really wasn't bad at all, what I had this week was a ductogram. I'll let ya google it if you are really wanting to know what it is.

  5. hm, dont know what that is, but in any event im VERY GLAD everything looks fine and you're a healthy whippersnapper LOL! i've had some tests that were not so fun too, and when i found out about one in particular, i cringed and gagged turned out to not be that bad, and im glad urs wasnt too bad either!!! hope ur mom is doin better and is able to come home for the holidays, she's such a trooper and has been thru so much! love u hun! xoxo Megan

  6. Joining you on the hooray for helthy boobs train!


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