Jan 15, 2009

Haydenburri Lane's Bedtime Safari

Our family has had the pleasure of meeting the Rascal's from Haydenburri Lane. Yesterday the Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase arrived. Boy was it a hit! The boys couldn't wait for me to open it as soon as they saw the adorable suitcase. Then they saw the finger puppets and were in heaven. Then there's the great blanket and the cutest little board book.
The adorable Rascal characters, P.J., Bubbles, Rory, Chomper, and Paige, are from a world where "everyday routines are fun!" As a mom I'm always excited about the idea of something that will convince my kids to form good habits. But with a shelf full of "helpful" books that don't seem to have made any change in them at all, I'm cautiously optimistic. But I love this book and my kids did too. It's geared towards preschoolers, so older kids may think it's a little too...cutesty. But we didn't have that issue here. The Bedtime Safari book is about a brother and sister and their bedtime routine, with a cute twist or magic slippers that take them on the journey to meet each of the Rascals. There's Bubbles, the hippo, who, as you may guess is for bath time. Then there's P.J. the bear to help them get into their jammies. Next comes Chomper who will join them in 'tickling' their teeth. (I love this description for brushing! I'm sure this could help a mom or two convince a less then willing child brush.) From Chomper, head to Paige, the elephant, for a bedtime story. Lastly Rory tucks them in.
I'd recommend this as a gift for anyone with small kids. It'd be great to have to start using very early on to build a good bedtime routine, but it would also be helpful if someone has older kids who are struggling with bedtime too.

And right now you can get a great deal on it too.  Use coupon code: sarafimoms for $5 off


  1. Very cute. I will have to check into that for StuntMan.

  2. Hi! I am from comment club 4!! Your blog design is awesome!!! And we have a lot of similarities...I have 3 boys also, and I also work full time outside of the home!! We're busy mamas!! I'm gonna follow you and stop by regularly!!! Keep in touch!


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