Jan 29, 2009

A year ago today....

My baby is officially one year old!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it the truly special day that I usually like to.  But I suppose if there's a year to go minimalist, it's the first.  

So here are a few quick snaps from our hurried celebrations:

Hey cool, a race car!

Hmmm, this guy comes out!

I wonder if he tastes good?
Yeah, I don't know.  What do you think Grampa? Is it good?

Never to old to enjoy the baby toys!

Woah! I don't think THAT'S safe!!!!!

This is totally gross!

He immediately slammed into the cake  but then panicked.  He wouldn't even try to taste it and managed to get it quickly all over himself, then attempted to crawl away!


  1. Happy birthday to your little guy! The pic with the candle is terrific!

  2. Ahhh Happy Birthday!!

    Taylor gagged on the cake on her first birthday. Yuck!

  3. 1st birthday celebrations are always the BEST! he's so cute...:)

  4. I love that car!!!! Where did you get that?

    The pics are wonderful. I just love that first birthday with the cake and mess!!!!

    Happy 1st Birthday Handsome!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Mr. B!

    Love those Michelin Man arms!!

  6. That is to cute!
    They sure grow up fast don't they??

  7. happy birthday. love the pictures!

  8. Happy Birthday....great shots. So cute!

  9. Happy 1st Birthday!!!!! Loved the pictures you took!

  10. Happy Birthday!! We are probably going small this year with Nathan's first birthday.. probably. But at the same time I feel bad because we did big or at least semi-big for the other two. We'll see...

    Great pictures!!

  11. Why do you do this to me?! WHY?! He is so cute, I can't stand it! Those pudgy fingers! Those chubby little cheeks! Really, that is one adorable baby you've got there.

    If it's any consolation, I don't do birthdays until the kids turn 6. The twins each got a cupcake when they turned one, and Grandma bought them a present. No fuss, no muss.

  12. Love all the pics! Happy birthday little (? lol) man!

  13. I love his expression at the cake! :) And the picture of peeking through the toys is terrific!

    Happy Birthday!

  14. He is SO Adorable! Happy Birthday little Man!!!

  15. He is a cutie. He looks like he enjoyed his birthday.

  16. Awww, our baby is gonna be one here soon too. Doesn't the time go by so fast? I love the cake pics! Hee hee.


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