Feb 5, 2009

Here's hoping...

I picked up the van again tonight.  This time they found a worn wire that they think was the culprit of all this.  I'm not at all convinced that this will actually be the end of this issue because this started 5 years ago and it seems weird to me that it could have been worn that long and not just completely cut.  But we shall see.

I have to admit, I was a tad sad to get back in my pig sty of a van.  I can't wait until it's a decent temperature outside so I can clean that thing out without freezing to death.



  1. Heres to hoping its fixes this time! I have to pull my van into the garage to clean it lol.. and its even freezing in there haha.

  2. I am surprised they didn't clean it out for you...they have had it long enough. LOL
    Seriously, I hope that was it and your van is back in great working order. Ugh.
    I hate car troubles.

  3. It just stinks to have vehicle problems. We just got hubs truck fixed a couple of months ago. We dumped about 2grand into it and then he hit a deer a couple of weeks ago. After waiting for the insurance company to approve the claim, that is finally getting fixed at least this time we don't have to pay too much. There is nothing worse. Hope your van is fixed for you now and you don't have anymore trouble.

  4. Hi Lisa!
    I just found your blog today and had to leave a comment. I'm a (former) working mom of 3 girls and can relate to a lot of what you write about. :)

    I hope your van is completely fixed for you!


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