Feb 4, 2009

My baby

It appears I neglected to write a real birthday post to my chubby little man last week.  I 'think' I was intending to do so when I did his birthday photos but since I keep forgetting to take the shirt I bought for the photos in my van that is again being held hostage at the dealership, and I wanted to get his hair cut, I haven't yet gotten photos done.
So here goes his birthday post, sans photos for the time being.

As the mom of two boys, I was constantly asked when will you try for a girl? And while I was never offended by the question at all, we simply did not intend to have any more children, despite my huge desire for a girl and all things pink.  We simply didn't think we had the time or resources, or the patience to be totally honest to add another child to the mix.  But things happens, as they tend to.  In May of 2007 our house was robbed, not once but twice, with the second time being while the boys and I were in the house. After two nights of staying with my parents I decided it simply wasn't realistic to hide forever and we came back home.  But I had no appetite and often felt nauseous. But I chalked it up to nerves over the safety of our home.  One night I had a huge craving for a DQ Blizzard but when Tom returned with my desire, I took about two bites and put the rest in the freezer.  When I told a friend about this she said "you're pregnant."  I told her I was not because I had in fact took a test just a day or two prior.  But a week later when AF hadn't shown I tried again and it was positive.  From the very beginning every thing was different about this pregnancy.  I was convinced it was a girl.  I just KNEW it was a girl.  I even bought a few girly things I just couldn't pass up.  But when it came time for the ultrasound, after a little coaxing (and emptying of my bladder) we were able to very clearly see I was WRONG.  We were having another little prince. 
As much as I would still love to have a little girl to put in pink and bows and ruffles, I wouldn't trade my boys for anything in the world.  Bryan was born on January 29, 2008 after being induced at 39 weeks.  There were any complications it was just a size worry with Timmy being 9 pounds 6 ounces at 38 weeks, I really didn't want a 11 or 12 pound baby.  Bryan was 9 pounds 7 ounces and chubby and cute as can be.  And the hair, man he had so much hair for our kids.  And that hasn't changed at all.  Neither has the chubbiness.  He is the biggest baby I've seen in my life.  I love his rolls though.  He is so so cute.  He's also the most playful of all of my boys.  He started when he was just 5 months or so giving "bonks" or dropping his forehead to ours.  It was our version of kisses.  But if he did it and you said "ouch" he cracked up.  He loves to roughhouse and typically the closer that what his brothers do to him brings me to a heart attack, the harder he laughs.   He has the best laugh ever! Of course he also has the worst temper ever, at least of my kids.  He can spend hours entertaining himself contently one day and then not be able to handle 5 minutes without having a major melt down at one of his toys the next day.  He is NOT a great sleeper.  But that might be different if I moved him into his room...some day.  Right now its just easier to have him there with me when he wakes up, I barely have to wake up to handle him.  And for the most part I love sleeping with his roly poly self curled up to me.  He didn't start crawling until he was 11 months old, which is behind the norm but having carried him myself for the previous 11 months, I know what a work out it is to move that solid little body!  And now he seems like he's quickly going to be attempting to walk to.  Darn once they get a taste of mobility, its all over!  He follows me everywhere, which sometimes gets him in trouble.  But to be honest, I love it.  He is a Momma's Boy and I cherish it.  It sometimes makes mornings hard when I have to leave for work and he cries.  Or when I walk in the door after work with an arm full of stuff and if I don't immediately pick him up he has a fit and a half!  But all in all, I love his playful, silly little personality.  He is totally the stereotypical "baby" of the family.  And being out numbered has definitely made some tasks a LOT harder than they used to be.  But I don't think any of us would trade him for anything.  The only thing better than seeing my kids smiles, is seeing them make each other laugh and smile!!!!



  1. Although 3 is hard..I would not trade my baby boy for anything either. Can't imagine life without that third one. I know what you mean about hearing them making each other laugh...priceless. Happy Birthday again to your sweet baby boy!
    Can't wait to see the new pictures.

  2. Aww Lisa he sounds so much like my Kohen. He sure is a cutie. It is sad to see them be one so fast isn't it???

  3. Happy birthday, Bryan! Time flies, huh?

    Ps. Everyone asks me when were trying for a boy, lol. @@


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