Feb 24, 2009

Trendy Tadpoles

Trendy Tadpole, is a site with a cute name and even cuter designs. As a mom of all boys I don't really spend a lot of time oohing and ahhing over boys clothes. Aside from the occasional photo shoot or special holiday effort, there isn't really a lot of thought put into the boys clothes.

Clean, check.

Fits, check.


But when it came to choicing a design for my little man from Trendy Tadpole, I oooh'ed, I aaah'ed. Then I sighed. Just one? I had to chose just one!? So I went 100% selfish and picked a designed that would announce to the world who his heart really belongs to...yup, me! I got my little momma's boy the Mommy Tatoo design. And I'm glad I did, it's even cuter in person. The shirt is super soft (I'd wear it if I could!) and the design is adorable. The website does note tht their sizing runs small so my tankish baby who usually wears 3T, I bought a 4T ong sleeve. It was a bit long in the sleeves so we cuffed it and it fits great. I might have left him in it for weeks but he has some aversion to crisp clean white shirts and allowed me just the afternoon in it before he peed all over it while sleeping. Typically, my lazy laundry style is to throw things in the dirty clothes and hope I remember to put something on it before I wash it and pray it doesn't stain. But this time I wasn't going to take that risk so I (ok actually my hubby) rinsed it out well so it wouldn't stain. Only thing I could ask for from Trendy Tadpole would be a larger size run so I could get one of these for each of my older boys too. How cute would THAT be. What? It wouldn't be any worse than any of the other things I've tortured them with for the sake of a cute photo! :)

So if you have a "trendy tot" you need to go check out Trendy Tadpole's "trendy tops" today!!

And if you happen to get this one...you have to send me a pic. It was a close second and seriously still makes me laugh every time I see it.



  1. I LOVE Trendy Tadpole. Cute onesie! Can't wait to see pics of him in it :)

  2. Those are very cute. Love the one you chose.

  3. The Trendy Tadpole is so cool. I have the Panda one and I LOVED it on my daughter. I too, would wash it and care for it more closely than her other clothes. :)

    She has since grown out of it, maybe it is time to order a new one!


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