Feb 9, 2009

Tuesday;s Tribute 2-10-09, My Mom

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

Ok, I know, I've done one for my mom before, but, I want to again. And it's my blog, so there! :)
But today I want to just share who my mom is.  A list of things, in no particular order.

My mom...
  • is a wife.  She and my father divorced when I was in first grade.  She remarried when I was in 5th grade.  She is an extremely devoted and loving wife.  
  • is a mom.  My mom to be exact.  Also my best friend.  We have been through a lot over the years but I will always treasure the few years when it was just she and I!
  • is a grandmother (to 9).  She is an amazing loving grandma.  You can see the love she has for them in her eyes anytime they are around.  The love is completely mutual.
  • is a sister.  I have always loved listening to her stories about the days growing up with a mean  ole big brother.  He lived in Mississippi for my whole life.  We visited almost yearly.  Sadly, he passed away several years ago unexpectedly.
  • is a daughter.  She was a wonderful daughter.  My Grandma moved in with us when I was in third grade and continued to live with my mom until she became very ill and passed away from (originally misdiagnosed) brain cancer over 3 years ago.   
  • is a friend to many.  She has several great close friends whom she'd do anything for.  At least one of whom she's been friends with since before I was born. But she is also well liked by sooo many.
  • is a great baker, not the best cook. Although she has gotten oh so much better since I was little, I will never forget her attempt at grilling that ended in our dinner looking more like the charcoal than food.
  • is a pretty crafty lady. She made a LOT of my clothes when I was young and a couple formal dresses for me over the years.
  • is sarcastic and funny lady.  She even has a reputation for this at church.  Yeah she's a trouble maker.  This used to embarrass me, which only encouraged her.  But these days, even if I tease her about it, I LOVE it.  She is so much fun, how could you NOT love it.
  • is the best shopping buddy ever.  I used to HATE shopping with her when I was young.  But I'd give anything for a marathon shopping trips these days.
  • is the strongest woman, I know.  She endures so much without complaint.
  • is a very generous person.  She gives and gives and never wants anything in return.  (Well, except for her dishes back.  She's a stickler on that.  I'm currently on dish probation.)
  • is the mom who chaperoned a brownie outing and had a little girl snuggle up to her and then said, "You remind me of my grandma. you're squishy like she is!"  I don't know why I felt the need to include this.  But it's something we just remember from those days when it was just the two of us.
  • is the one who's heart I broke, more than once while I was in high school.  Although, I say I would never change the mistakes I made, because they've brought me to where I am today.  But if I could take away even the slightest bit of hurt I caused her, I would.  In a heartbeat.
  • is a very proud woman.  She hates to let people see her be vulnerable. I think she has much more to be proud of then she realizes. 
  • is a very honest person.  It's best not to ask her what she thinks if you don't really want to know.  This is one way I really wish I could be more like her.
  • is the one who drove all the way to California while I read magazine's a listened to my walkman in the backseat. I honestly don't remember too much about the trip, aside from the time in the car.  Good times!
  • is a fighter.
  • is a survivor.
  • is an all around amazing, inspiring lady.



  1. You are blessed to have such a wonderful mother!!!! and she to have a daughter like you :)

  2. this is an awesome tribute! she sounds amazing and so deserving of the spotlight more than once!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Your mother is an amazing woman, with a wonderful daughter:)

  4. What a fantastic tribute to your mother you are very blessed to have a mother like her.

  5. I like it that you appreciate your moms sarcasm. . . not too many daughters appreciate that in a mom

  6. I loved reading this. Thanks for sharing!


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