Mar 27, 2009

Friday Fun and Fotos

I'm hoping to spend a good amount of time this weekend home being productive but today was report card day AND I had promised the boys I'd do something to make up for the time we lost at the Dells because we left early due to the weather. So, today after work we went to Bounces R Us for some Friday fun.
The boys actually had the most fun on the climbing wall. But they definitely worked off some energy as they crashed very quickly tonight.

The giant inflatable slide:

And the ginormous inflatable truck (which was also a slide):

The rock wall fun:
Timmy jumped right on it.  He was a bit nervous getting down to begin with but figured it out and just flew up and down repeatedly.
close up of the concentration
Johnny was much more cautious.
And never to be left out...
Even the big kid got up there. (Mom stayed on solid take photos, yeah that's it!)

Johnny being silly

Still not sure what's wrong with Johnny he says he has a headache but he was really unhappy and ready to go home.
Daddy caught this photo.  Figured since I'm in a photo about once a year, I'd include it.  I look horrible but...well it's the real (day to day) me.

And then I had to share this one from yesterday.  He was not at all cooperative in wanting to hold still while I was playing with the PERFECT outside light, but I managed to catch this one good shot.



  1. Look at those pretty blue eyes.. whoever made up those bounce house places are geniuses. My kids love them! Love the pic of u and bryan! I am always behind the camera too.. and when I am not I hate the ones I am in lol.

  2. I think it's a great picture of you and your little guy! Us moms get the short end of the stick on photos usually - but not this one... you can see the love for your son all over it :)

    That last picture is just BEAUTIFUL! What a handsome kiddo!

  3. Omg, I want to go down that slide! LOL! I absolutely LOVE the last pic of Bryan. It's TDF!!!

  4. This looks like lots of fun! I need to find a giant slide around here, my son would love that. :)

  5. Great pics!! I love the one of your youngest trying to climb like big brothers! That's exactly how my youngest boy is!!!

  6. That place looks like a BLAST!!! That last pic IS great. :-)

  7. i love all ur pix BUT i looooooooooove the one of you and your littlest man :) you say youre so ugly but seriously that pic is so precious! the last one is absolutely beautiful too ;) xoxo megan


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