Mar 31, 2009

Tribute Tuesday 3-31-09

Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.

Today's Tribute is dedicated to the Disney Channel.
As a mom, I just wanted to take the chance to personally thank whatever clever individual at the insanely influenctial media mogul, that is the Disney Channel, decided to teach kids how to pull great April Fool's Day pranks. It's so uplifting to see such a media giant putting their influence to such good use. To think of all the families who's lived will be changed tomorrow as they find the soap missing from their shower, the cereal's switched or their bed's short sheeted.

If by chance your small impressionable children have not seen these extremely important PSA's you can view them on here.

If you don't see a new blog from me can send $$ and cigs to my jail cell, as I've probably been taking away because I found that my kids changed all my stereo presets before I had any caffeine. Maybe Disney's next series could include some legal advice for those of us who's kids followed their April Fool's Day advice.

Please forgive my sarcastic tribute this week, I'm not feeling like shedding any tears today!



  1. I needed something humorous and uplifting this week. Thanks! And I might just be in the cell beside girls watch way too much Disney Channel. No telling what they have planned!

  2. LOL
    Trust me, you didnt need to point out your sarcasm...I caught on fast!! ;-)

    Hilarious...this had me smiling in my office after a really long day.

    Great blog, btw, and I LOVE the title!!


  3. That was fantastic! LOL I mean, not that it irritated you - justthe way you told us about your irritation. Obviously.


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