Apr 29, 2009

Why oh Why?

Oh the great quandaries of life.  Like why is that we drive on  a parkway and park on a driveway?  Or we do turn the radio when we're looking for something while driving?  

Why do I bother trying to keep a calendar?
Last night after work I went to my mom's and hung out while waiting for a meeting at church.  When I arrived at church there was another group in the room we meet in.  Hmmm.  Ok.  Look through all the other rooms. No luck.  Find some one with a key so I can peek in the infamous BOOK. (Its a binder that holds all knowledge of room usage in the building.  It's sacred.  Just slightly less important than that NIV book. Kidding of course!)  Sure enough, our usual room was reserved for our meeting, for the night before!  Ooops.  The true meaning of a day late and a dollar short!

Why is it that everyone else I've ever spoke to who cosleeps with their children finds that the kids sleep so much better.  Yet my 15th month old is still waking up a billion times a night.  This morning he wanted to start his day about about 4:30am. I know part of the issue is he's stuffed up and maybe even has a sore or at least dry throat. But I think this morning the issue was he didn't see me at all yesterday and he just wanted so time with me.  I'm not so good at quality time at that hour.

And why is it that a month seems to be forever when you ARE a kid, but once you have kids 15 months slips by in the blink of an eye?  Today my baby is 15 months old.  It's odd how it can seem to go soooo quickly.  Yet at the same time I can hardly remember life without him.
I LOVE YOU BRYAN!! Even if you don't let me sleep. :)



  1. god can i relate with you on many of those things...espeically the time flying one...when i was a kid id hear all these adults saying "time flies!" and "oh my look how you've grown!" and i never understood it...until my nieces and baby cousins came a long...and i've had to witness it before my OWN eyes...its really hard to grasp and deal with, actually, and i hate it :( SLOW DOWN, LIFE!!!!!

    xoxo Megan

  2. so sorry- I know- it's hard when you have those days... I agree with s-l-o-w down.. or at least enjoy the moment.

    I tend to not enjoy the moment I have.. because I am worrying about what I have to do in 2 hours... that is the joy of keeping a calendar...I set time to worry.

    so I don't have to worry about dinner, planning 3 day scout camp, church lessons... until the designated time..

    hope today was better

  3. I can so relate. When you started talking about your little one, I got all teary-eyed. My little guy is eight months. They grow up so fast, don't they. My next in line is nine and in nine years - he will be off to college. All we can do is cherish these moments. Working full-time, I cherish my weekends because I have two full days with my boys. It goes by so fast.

  4. Lisa, Jordan is still very restless throughout the night. She wants to BF constantly and climbs all over me, like a little gymnast. But since she's been teething so much, she won't sleep at all unless I'm sleeping with her. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. You never get a break at all when you're mommy all day AND all night. No fair.


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