May 13, 2009

I quit!

I'm going to stop rooting for anyone on Idol as it seems to be a guarantee that they will not make it to the finale.

I'm sorry you were voted off tonight.  I was all my fault.  I've been rooting for you since the very beginning.  Luckily, those that get sent home at this stage seem to do even better than most of the winners.  Hope you won't hold it against me!  I still love you and even though I'm down over the border (just barely) you're still my home town guy.  I can't wait to see what your future holds.  
God Bless,
A slightly Idol obsessed Mom

(for those who don't watch Idol and are confused, this is supposed to be funny.  much like my ability to always pick the slowest checkout lane at the store, each season by pick to win always gets the boot before the finale)



  1. I loved Danny. I voted for him in the beginning. But I love all three of those guys so it was so hard to choose my favorite. I wanted it to be Danny and Adam though.
    Another completely Idol obsessed freak.

  2. I've never voted, but I have loved Kris since the beginning. Both he and Danny seem to be really NICE guys! Now it's up to all the Danny fans to vote for Kris so that Mr. Tongue, Mr. Over Confident, Mr. Totally Overrated doesn't win it! Time to prove the smug Simon WRONG!

  3. I quit years ago.
    It's nit worth the stress :)


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