Jul 29, 2009

are the tides turing?

I'm still slightly in shock! Yesterday was my birthday (don't ask how old didn't you mama teach you that you never ask a woman that? lol) and not only was it not a disappointment, but it was wonderful!!
Short from having been able to spend the day on a sandy beach somewhere type of thing, I don't think it could have been more perfect. I did have to get up and go to work, but as far as my husband and kids were able, they made the day totally perfect. Despite our seemingly never ending money crunch, somehow my husband had squirreled away enough to get cards, a gift, gift certificates for dinner, and a cake. My gift was some new perfume, which I need because some little hands won't stop playing with mine (this will have to go on a high shelf). The gift cards were for Olive Garden. I'd seen a new dish on TV and tried it and it was amazing. I highly recommend it, except I don't remember the name of it. Its the steak and pasta thing that's featured right now. It was seasoned to perfection and was the perfect portion where I didn't feel totally cheated but I actually had room for salad and breadsticks (yum-o). All made even better by the fact that my handsomely dressed children behaved very well. Timmy actually donned a shirt and tie for the occasion. Look out ladies this one is definitely going to be my heartbreaker! And then we had cake for dessert. Not to be out done by dinner, the cake was awesome. Not a traditional frosted cake but a Boston Creme cake that was sooo delicious. And even more special because it was picked out for me.

So, the only downside to the day...after several years of birthdays ranging from boring to horrible, I was developing really low expectations. But now, I'm going to have to try not to expect too much just in case disaster strikes again.

Sorry no photos, I was too busy enjoying the day and the time with my family, you'll just have to trust me that everything and everyone looked terrific.



  1. Yay! That is wonderful! Happy Birthday!

  2. So glad all your boys made your day wonderful! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday - sorry I'm a little late :) Glad it was a wonderful day, and HOORAY! Good news about Stellan too. :)


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