Sep 21, 2009

Sell, Sell, Sell!

This weekend the Cubs Scouts Popcorn Sale kicked off. Saturday morning Timmy went to a local Walgreen's with some of the other boys from his Den to sell popcorn. He pretty hung back and let the more assertive boys do the selling, according to my husband. Yeah THAT sounds like one of my kids. All loud and in your face any other time but in the shadows when they're allowed to be getting out and bugging people! But apparently it was enough to get him excited about it because he wouldn't stop hounding us about when we were going to take him to do some door to door selling.

We were able to squeeze in an hour of door to door yesterday afternoon between all our running around. And he made six sales! And he was actually talking to people! I stayed in the car with my littlest man sleeping and sort of stalked them rolling a little bit at a time as they zigged and zagged across the street with huge smiles after each sale. And there MAY have been a happy dance or two but I won't mention who that might have been. We're learning that selling with the stuff on hand is going very well so we'll be stocking up on a bunch more as I wasn't sure how that would work so I didn't take too much to have and we have sold all but one box already. So in 2 days he's already half way to his first goal, of 30 sales which he needs to do by Oct 15th!! Not that my motivated seller(S) would stop just because they reached that goal but I have to admit that with the economy and the area we live in, I was worried we'd be able to do it at all.

If you're local and we haven't hit you up...let me know! :) And if you're not, keep an eye out of a Cub Scout or Boy Scout near you. I recommend the microwave popcorn, its really good and is the best value. But a LARGE portion of the sale goes straight to a local pack or troop and even though we're just starting I'm very impressed with the program and hope that our boys will continue to be involved and be excited about it!!



  1. My son just started selling too! Have fun! We are hitting up our neighborhood! :)

  2. My son is just joining tomorrow and his first meeting is a potluck/popcorn selling kick off. lol He is so excited, but I think my husband is a little more excited.


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