Sep 30, 2009

Someone Lied to Me!

Someone once told me that boys friendships were so much simpler than girls. They convinced me that the elementary school drama of who's who's of best friends and sleepover invites etc that girls deal with, simple was NOT an issue with boys. That there wasn't the same hierachy of friendship or constant withholding of friendship for boys.

Well, SOMEONE lied to me.

Last night, Timmy brought me a paper he did at school. Usually not a big deal, something like a picture he drew of a park and a sentance or two about how he likes to go to the park with his brother. But yesterday the front side of the paper was full of faces he'd drawn but all but one had been X'd out. And on the back a sentance that said something like "Daniel was my best friend in the world but Joseph stole him away and made me very sad." (Spelling corrected for your reading convenience.) CRACK! That was the sound of my heartbreaking for him! So much for the theory that boy relationships were easier! It was painful to see a dipiction of his pain in black and white (technically orange and white) sitting in front of me. I'm sure if you're a Mom you won't be surprised that what my body told me to do was march into that school give Daniel and Joseph a little piece of my mind and let them know just how lucky THEY would be if Timmy would LET them be HIS friend. But of course, I am MUCH more rational than that. (Usually at least.) So I tried to talk him through it. It seems Daniel was mad because Timmy "cheated" at a game by looking at the card Daniel had because he wasn't keeping it hidden well enough. Fair enough, no one likes a cheater. And it sounds like they were friends again by the end of the day. But I guess the whole best friend business is still up in the air and that's what's bugging Timmy. I'm sure he'll be fine.

But it's still hard as a mom to see him upset. As much as I know its all part of life, I hate seeing his tender heart hurting! Maybe I'll get him a little something from the store tonight...
Yeah, I know you can't buy love OR happiness but a little, 'I was thinking of you' treat can go a long way in helping with a bad day.

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  1. ohhh gosh, so damn sad lisa!!!!!!!! im DREADING this kind of stuff coming out of my niece's mouths from things that happen at school :( :( :( *megan*


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