Sep 8, 2009

Tooth Fairy is Coming!!!

A couple weeks go Timmy came home (from an over night camp out) and showed me that his first tooth was FINALLY lose.  As one of the oldest kids in his class he would get a little bummed last year when kid after kid was losing teeth while he didn't have the slightest wiggle.  So he was thrilled.  
And me, I was SUPER thrilled because his XRays had showed that he might not lose the front teeth on his own and I was DREADING having to have the poor guy having teeth pulled so young!
At first I thought he was going to be so eager that it'd be out in days.  But he really didn't mess with it much.  So its only gotten a little more wiggly.  I figured it'd be quite a while.  But today I pulled into our driveway and he came running, just smiling away, minus one tooth!  
I was so excited for him.  I thought it'd be bitter sweet but his enthusiasm is just so contagious I'm nothing but excited for him.  
When it got wiggly we celebrated by ordering a super cute tooth fairy pillow from Lil Pink Chicken on etsy.
So here's my tough guy who decided his tooth was wiggly enough this morning while waiting to go into school and took a stray string from his book bag and yanked his tooth, much to his mama's surprise!

With his tooth and his tooth fairy pillow that I slyly convinced him to hang outside his room because their room is a death trap right now.
yeah he's a ham. I love his new wholey smile!!! with the treasure chest he got from school to hold his tooth

THE tooth!



  1. oh gosh, HOW ADORABLE!!!!!! i was so happy when skyler (oldest niece) lost her's this summer at OUR HOUSE! it was wiggly forever and it was so loose she started workin on it to come out and i even got some 'action' shots of her, including a bloody (ICK!) shot of when it immediately came out! they were sooo cute and her enthusiasm and HUGE smiles made for one cute scrapbook page :) i can imagine how excited timmy was!!!!! :) cant wait to see u saturday!!!!! *megan*

  2. He looks so cute missing his tooth. My daughter lost her first one at school in lunch biting into a grape. Her teacher sent it home in a little tooth holder. My daughter then told me that her best friend said the tooth fairy brings $5.00....I was like what the tooth fairy that comes to our house only brings a $1.00. I was shocked at how much the tooth fairy had gone up. When I was a kid we got a quarter..phew lucky for me she was just happy the tooth fairy came.


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