Nov 30, 2009

Time for a rant

Ok, let me just start by saying, if you don't want to listen to me rant aimlessly just for the purpose of venting to make myself feel better...please feel free to close this's ok I'll wait....

Still here? Yeah I knew someone of you were as cynical and bitter as I am and just love a good rant! LOL Just kidding. If you're still here, thanks for loving me enough to put up with my moodiness!!

So here's the deal. I'm completely and udderly frustrated with selfishness. Its out of control!! It's every where. It's taken over every walk of life, race, creed, gender, age and belief. I can't take it anymore. Where do people get off thinking they're more important than everyone else?

Seriously, its in the car. The number of times I'm outrageously cut off seems to increase each week. Granted the construction in this area is maddening but 'hey. I've been waiting here just as long as you have! what give you the right to give me the option of a~running off the road b~slamming on the breaks or c~ have you crash into my vehicle when YOUR lane ended. yeah did you see that like 100 yards ago it merged. you've run out of lane and now you're just jamming your way into mine as if I don't even exist." Hmmm, maybe its that invisibilty bubble I've seemed to have for years that's kept me safe from the radar...maybe its REAL. Maybe they really just can't see me. Or maybe they are seriously convinced they matter that much that the extra car length is just that much more valuable to them!

It's in the stores. There were a few good deals that I'd have liked to snag this past Friday but you know there's a reason its called black Friday. Because you're risking life and limb out there. My husband was kind enough to go out 2 years ago to get the video camera I really wanted (yeah yeah I have yet to learn how to use it) and was almost trampled by a mob of deal hungry monsters.

Sadly, its ALL over our kids school. Last year as we sat to watch one of the school programs. A lady stood up, in front of all the seats, apparently to take a photo of her child. But then she proceeded to take a phone call while continuing to stand there as if there weren't a hundred people (or more, I don't know I'm horrible as guessing at that stuff) politely sitting in their seats behind her. And after sitting patiently waiting our turn to speak with our son's teacher last year at Parent Teacher conferences, part of our time was taken up when another mother barged in attempting to demand her conference then and there because she had 'other things to do' even though her scheduled time was over an hour and half later! She left letting the teacher know that she didn't care she could just call her, she didn't have all night ya know.

And our poor kids get it too. You see, as crazy as they make me at home (and mind you they can be crazy selfish at home) we've actually taught them to be polite out in public. I'm begining to think this may have been a great disservice to them. They're going to spend the rest of their lives at the back of the line as other barge their way in front of them. This happens every where from Chuch E Cheese to the Wolves game we just went to. The boys stood patiently waiting as person after person got their autograph from Skates (the Wolves mascot) with people coming up after them but managing to find their way in front of them. Until finally with just a handful of people left a line formed and the boys jumped at the end of it. Thankfully either Skates or his lovely assistant must have heard us voicing our frustration as we got two great photos thanks to the patience. But it makes me crazy that despite Chuck E Cheese supposedly being so safe that we could let our kids just go and play...the few times when I've attempted to do that, (while keeping a constant visual check on them) I would walk up to find some kid essentially stealing from them as they plopped a coin in and another kids jumped in front of them and played their game. Where are the parents? Sometimes I have no clue but a lot of time they're right there....smiling away.

And I'm disappointed to say that I think it's becoming more and more prevelant in our church. There seem to be more and more excuses for not serving and not giving to the church. Yet more and more reasons to be taking. Please don't misunderstand me to say I'm perfect. I need lots of work myself. But its hard for me to continue to be motivated when I see those who claim one thing out but living another. Our wants and needs seem to have gotten all confused. As people spend money on wants and then accept help for the needs.... Is that really a need then? It doesn't take much to hear stories about the shortages of fod in food pantries. And I KNOW the need is growing. But it angers me that people who could be managing with a simple shift in priorities, don't seem to care. They'll take whatever they can and apparently not give a second thought to those who are left without that didn't have that choice. They didn't have the money and chose to spend it another way. Yeah I'd love to have a new car and my husband would like (ok its getting to be a NEED) a newer vehicle but we have to put the essentials first and there just isn't enough left.



  1. what a great rant!!!! I agree with sooo much of it too... however its a crazy world and we'll just have to adjust ourselves (and kids) to deal with it, ya know? cuz we unfortunately cant change others! :(

    xoxo megan

  2. Sadly I see the same things! Gives us lots to pray about huh?

    I saw that you posted on Working Mommy Wednesday. I love meeting other working moms and so I just stopped by to say hi! Nice to "meet" you!


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