Dec 14, 2009

The end of the big guy in red

Well it appears, that this week I will have to have a little talk with Timmy.

You see one of Santa's little helpers wasn't too swift with hiding one of Johnny's presents. I thought I had it well covered despite it being left in the back of my van. But alas, Timmy spotted it and told me last night. Since its his ONE Santa gift, I think I have no choice but to fess up to Timmy and simply threaten him with his own Santa gift (and all those for the years to come) that he must keep quiet for the sake of his brothers!

Edited to add: The problem with simply taking credit for this gift is that there isn't anything to give to him in its place. It is a large gift both in size and cost (well large cost as far as our budget goes).
AND I know he saw it because he told me he saw it. He whispered in my ear that he saw the "Trio set you bought for Johnny." And I just shushed him because Johnny was in the room. He hasn't brougth it up since but I didn't see him but a couple minutes yesterday.

I'm not sure what that means for the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny...ah the first nail in the coffin of childhood innocence.

If anyone has some ingenious idea on how I can explain away Johnny's one and only Santa gift being in the back of my van, feel free to share.



  1. Wow, that's a tough one! I saw on someone else' blog the other day (sorry I don't remember who) that when their oldest found out the truth about Santa they enlisted them as a "helper" to keep the secret alive for their littler siblings and they said they loved being involved in helping. Hope you get it figured out!

  2. I like the helper idea "Tammy" just gave.

    Hopped over from MckMama forum. Hey, I'm a mama of two litte boys! Nice to meet ya :-)

  3. Well if it was a large present you could maybe say that Santa was worried about it fitting in the sled and had to shipped to you instead...maybe (???)

  4. couldnt you simply say it was from you and tom? of course that might be a problem if u guys dont buy them christmas gifts in addition to 'santa' gifts. however, i think you could pull it off. isnt timmy only 7 or 8?? that's still sooo young for all the fun to be over :( :( :( if you Do pull it off as saying the present was from you guys, why dont u do that picture of santa in your house thing that you posted on here?

    also, IFFF this was the ONLY gift johnny asked for, you could simply say that YOU and TOM thought he'd like it and bought it when it was on sale BEFORE johnny told santa about it.. you know? i mean if you really think about it, there are a million ingenious lies you could tell him to keep the fun and innocence and magic alive for as long as possible :) :) :) anxious to hear what you decide to do!!! xoxo megan

  5. That is a tough one!

    Like Megan said, you could tell him you had already bought it when you found out he was asking Santa for it. Tell him you let Santa know you already had it, and Santa asked you to put it out for him?

    Or tell him Santa told you he was running out of room in his sleigh and asked you to keep this gift until Christmas Eve?

    Obviously having a 12yo, I've already crossed this bridge once. It made me sooo sad. I think Ella is starting to question, but she hasn't come right out and said she doesn't believe.

    Of course, we both have years of keeping the charade going for Luke and Bryan! Sometimes I think that's why I had my Lukey!

  6. Has he even said anything about it yet? I'd hate to be the one to crush my kid when he hasn't even mentioned anything.. but at the same time I wouldn't want him blurting out anything on Christmas morning in front of his brothers either.

    I would bring it it up in a round about way. I would say something like "so do you think you've been good? Do you think santa will bring what you asked for? What about your brothers? DO you think Santa will bring Johnny's such and such that he asked for?"

    Then see what he says... if he gets uncomfortable, ask what's wrong, try to get it out of HIM first before you say anything flat out. If he flat out says "there is no santa" try to play it out and see if you can convince him there is... of he just doesn't buy any of it, I'd sit down with him and talk about the whole thing and why we make up the idea of santa... then I'd do as others have suggested, let him help with it all.. let him see how much fun it is to GIVE the gifts as santa!

    Good luck!

  7. Oh goodness! My son is 10 and he still believes! I am dreading the day he comes home and says someone at school told him Santa isn't real!!! I say you tell him it was too big for Santa's sleigh and he shipped it to you ahead of time. Or I like the other idea of telling him you bought it long before he asked Santa for it (if you only give the Santa gift, this obviously won't work!) What's the harm in letting him believe a little longer, even if you have to "bend" the truth a little? I think it's worth it! Besides, if he slips up and the other boys find out, it would crush them! Good luck!


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