Jan 23, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Our first year in Cub Scouts has meant learning a lot, and there were no exceptions when it came to the Pinewood Derby.
Last night we took the boys to register their cars. I'd been told lighter cars are winners, so we'd made the cars SUPER light. When they weighed them they told us they wouldn't even make it to the finish line. So they offered up some weights to add. Tom added several to each car. Today we showed up for the Derby and even after seeing the "seriousness" of it all last night I was still surprised by things today. Each car runs four times, once in each lane. The times are captured by the thing on the track and the heat winner and times immediately pop up on the computer (which is projected onto a large screen). The over all winners in each class are decided by the average time. Once the cars are registered only a leader handles them to put them on the track. All very official. But it is handled with fun. It was pretty cool. Even though the boys were no where close to the fastest cars. We learned much and had a good time. I guess we'll have to put a little more thought into the cars next year. Because I forgot to take photos before we registered and we didn't stay for the last group to run, we couldn't take the cars today so I'll have to post photos of their cars later. But I did get photos of all the cars on the "grid." Each cub scout got to vote on their favorite for "coolest" and "most creative." There were some pretty cool ones.

My little racers

Johnny's car (the yellow one)

Timmy's car is in about the middle, little to the left, its red white and blue



  1. This was our first year for the derby also. I wish they had used the only a Leader can touch the cars after registration. We had it set up that the boys came and got them off the table when their numbers were called and then placed them back on the table after each run.
    It was def. a learning experience today. We also had to add weight to my son's car and also my daughter's car (she was able to run it during the open times)

    I will be posting the experience on my blog tomorrow. lol Glad you had an interesting and fun day!

  2. Awesome!! We're trying to get our Pack to have a Pinewood Derby. Scouting is sponsored by our church here and the ward (area that goes to our church) was just reorganized so the Cubmaster is new and we are new... We'll probably do it in a couple months :) Are your boys excited for the 100 year anniversary and Blue and Gold coming up? We are!


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