Mar 23, 2010

Christmas is just around the corner

Ok, so maybe 'just around the corner' is pushing it a little bit.
But because we have a VERY tight budget and do Christmas without credit card debit, I typically shop for several months.
Today, I made my first and largest Christmas purchase! So that means, I'm practically done (dollar wise) with my shopping and it's only March.
This works for me because, one, once my kids pick something they want, they actually stick with it. Two, they aren't snoopers so I can easily tuck stuff away as long as its not somewhere they'll run into under normal circumstances.
The tough part for me? Remembering what I've already bought and where exactly I tucked it. But that will be what I work on this year. I'll let you know how it goes on Dec 24th!


  1. Lisa, love the new blog makeover :)

    And you didnt mention what you bought! Shame on you for leaving us hanging haha ;)

    Also, we do this too, buy stuff allll year round, and what my mom does is keeps a little running list in her checkbook that she writes down each thing she buys and for whom, and it works GREAT! you should try it! :)

    xoxo megan

  2. I usually start shopping in July. I bought some toys for my son last year in August. By October, he decided they weren't cool anymore. Haha. Oh well. That's why I keep my receipts!


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