Mar 20, 2010

Dairy of a Wimpy Kid Movie

Tonight we went to see the movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I bought the first book in the series for Timmy for Christmas and it had honestly stayed on the shelf until we saw the trailer for the movie.  We pulled it out and flew through the book.  Then went out and bought the next two which we have also polished off quickly.  Timmy read the second and third entirely on his own in just a few days each.  They're a super easy and fun read.  I highly recommend them.
They are about a kid in middle school but nothing is really inappropriate even for my first grader or kindergartener.  The movie looked like it'd be funny so I'd promised Timmy if he read the whole first book by the time it came out we'd go see it.  He obviously surpassed this goal.
Timmy invited his grandpa and grandma, so they joined Timmy, Johnny and I tonight.  I knew a lot of people were looking forward to the movie but I was still surprised at how full the theater was!  (Probably because I really don't get out much to the movies, especially on a Saturday NIGHT.)

All of us, from kindergartener to grandparent thought the movie was good.  It was entertaining and also had a purpose.  And I think, for me at least, the most surprising thing was that it was well made, with quality acting.  Sometimes, I think, kids movies can be very corny in the acting, I didn't think this was at all.  Over all, we give it 10 thumbs up!!!

In case you were wondering, as we were, the movie is based solely on the first book...leaving several opportunities for sequels.

The first book

The second book

The third book
The fourth book
And....a FIFTH book is coming!!!  We just ordered the 4th book ( has a great deal on it with free shipping if you order $20 worth of qualifying books)

At the movie website you can even "Wimp Yourself"
Here's the wimp Me.
You can also play games, like Cheese Touch on the movie site.

Last but not least, download the song at iTunes.

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  1. Loved the movie and blogged about it...My grandsons FAVORITE books of all time....Your blog is SO the blue..

    Doing a little Sunday morning blog hopping...Its snowing here.
    I have 2 GREAT GIVEAWAYS that I will draw for tonight ...
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