Mar 31, 2010

get ready...get set...

WAIT! Don't go just yet but soon, very soon!! The first giveaway is ready to roll out at the strike of 12 (central time) on April 1st. In case this month has slipped past you...that's tonight for you night owls!!!!
I have the first week of posts ready to go. There's lots of ways to enter and with a giveaway every day this month, it'll be more than worth your effort to do things like become a facebook fan of my blog, follow me on twitter or subscribe to my blog feed via email!!
So take a moment to get READY now!!!

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  1. Lisa --

    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog a few months ago. Sorry we don't check (or update) our blog very often so I didn't see it until today.

    You had asked about side by side photos on blogger and I tried MckMama's tips but they didn't work for me. I found out that if I upload pictures through blogger I can choose to make my pictures my own size. So that's what I did. If you want to know any other info please feel to get in contact with me again.

    And I love the wall writings in your most recent post. Sadly, I live in Canada so can't enter any of your contests. But they look amazing!


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