May 12, 2008

Meet the Boys...and Me

I'd like to take a moment to properly introduce the clan of Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy.

First, there's me. The queen of my house full of princes. I'm currently a full time office manager for a family business. We live in the burbs smack dab in the middle of Chicago and Milwaukee.   We live in a house much too small for my three active maniacs, in an area that is much too unsafe for my liking.  But we have each other and that's what counts.  Between the boys sports (currently baseball, basketball, soccer and football) and Cub Scouts and our volunteer commitments we are always on the go.  But when we come to a lull in the action, we tend to get a little bored.  So if we don't have something going on, we'll find something do like attending a sporting event, show or concert or checking out local attractions.  Because we love to try and learn new things, doing product reviews has become a part of this blog.  You'll also find that there are some causes I'm passionate about such as cancer research and I do what I can with my blog (and in real life) to help support them.

My first born, Timmy
He's been amazing us since well before his first birthday with his desire to learn. We knew early on that he was something special. As with all things there are pro's and con's. With Timmy's inspiring intellect comes an energy that can be overwhelming. In 2008 he was diagnosed with ADHD and since we began treatment he has continued to soar even faster. With his energy curbed just a bit, his amazing heart and kindness just shine through. He is an amazing big brother and always has been, even at the very young age of 13 months.

My middle son, Johnny
The stereotypical middle child in so many ways. He is both a lover AND a fighter. Quick to cuddle or anger. His is my imaginative little man. As a toddler he spent hours if not days pretending to be other people or things. He now states he wants to make movies when he grows up and I have no doubt that he will if that's what he sets his mind too. There's never a dull moment with him around.

My 'baby,' Bryan
My spoiled little guy. He is the cutest thing ever...and he knows it. I truly believe God gave me this little angel to keep me smiling in the very dark days of my mom's illness and passing. The twinkle in his eyes is an ever present reminder that God has NOT deserted me in taking such a huge piece of my life. My strong willed little goof ball reminds me that she will live on through us as long as we continue to live and love!


  1. I'm so sorry about your mom, Lisa. How insightful of you to see that God gave you Bryan to help you through such a difficult time.

  2. Hi Lisa! Visiting from UBP.

    Super-cute blog!

    So sorry about your mom- I lost my dad a few years ago. It's tough........

    Have a great time blog-hopping!

  3. It was good to hear from you Lisa! You're boys are growing growing growing!!! Have a blessed day!

  4. Lisa,
    I have been a blog follower of yours for awhile now, but never had time to sit down and look at your page. You are an amazing women and mother and friend. Take care and we need to get these boys together again soon =) ~Kaycee

  5. What adorable boys! Thanks for stopping by today! :)

  6. Hello 8) I'm a new follower from the mom's blog hop monday.

    My oldest is 11 and was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6. He was recently also diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. It's a challenge but oh so worth it.

    My dad passed away unexpectedly in Jan 2009. I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. Knowing how much the loss of my father effected me I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my mom.

    Lovin Life

  7. Very cute blog! My mother passed in January 2009 and within a year I had my third baby...with that same little twinkle in her eye to remind me how sweet life still is without my mother. Challenging, but sweet.

  8. Hi there - thanks for stopping by. I really like your site!

  9. Stopping by from the UBP! Glad to meet you and your family of boys.

  10. You have a beautiful family! I am sorry for the loss of your mother, I lossed my dad in 2008 and I know how hard it can be! Thinking of you!

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  12. What a wonderful family! My life is very simalair to yours. My hubby is 16yrs. older than me, we also have three Except I stay home and school our boys while my hubby does the work. :D Very sorry about your mother that must be very hard.


  14. I love your blog! I'm a new follower from MBC and really enjoyed reading some of your posts. Your family is lovely =)

  15. I am from north of Milwaukee (half way to G.B.) but "did my time" down in your area. (The dangerous part is a big clue.) Hang in there. Better days and more room are in your future, I can feel it!
    Happy Holidays.

  16. Hi Lisa,

    I work from home selling handmade jewelry for women. I also have three boys of my own. It can be busy at times, for sure! My middle son, Michael sounds just like your son Johnny! He's also a red head which I believe makes him even more of a "fireball" at times. lol! I love your blog, great job!

  17. I`m a single mom of 2 beautiful girls, Miriam and Sandy. Your blog is a real inspiration to move on. Thanks!


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