Mar 16, 2010

Tropicana Juicy Rewards Program

Edited add: Just found out about another code good for 2 points: DOUBL_TTKFR. Was supposed to end 5pm 3/15 but it just worked for me.

I just recieved information on a new rewards program that I thought I'd share with you.

There are a lot of programs out there that you can save forever to earn something. But this program you can earn valuable savings RIGHT AWAY.
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Visit and register. I was then offered a survey for one point. Woohoo, one point, right? Except when you find out that one point can earn you a buy one get one free admission to a museum OR a discount on a TON of other stuff. For me the entertainment values are perfect with Spring Break just around the corner. Of course there are restrictions to anything so read the fine print. But it looks like we'll be take a little trip to the children's museum (something I'd planned to do anyway) for HALF the price this spring break thanks to Tropicana!!

And just because I'm so thoughgful...and well it isn't costing me anything, I have another code to share with you. Enter the code MOMCE-NTRAL right after you sign up to earna nother point. Be sure to do it right away though because that code is only supposed to work if used in the first 6 hours you're signed up.

Ok, so a proper thanks goes to MOM Central for the code and making me aware of the program so I could share with you!

Hope you find some great deals too.

Other codes MOTHE-RHOOD (thanks to My four Monkeys)
And join Tropican's facebook fan page for another code


  1. I love rewards programs, especially the ones that you don't have to shop for years to get something back! We drink another brand of orange juice in our house, but you just might have convinced me to switch!

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