Apr 17, 2010

Cool Baby Review

I have to say my boys aren't exactly GQ model types. Their every day wear is about bargains not fashion. But every now and then we strike upon something they really LOVE to wear. It may be a character or a logo that they like. But whatever it is it's always fun when they get excited about what they want to wear.

When I picked out the hooded sweatshirt from The Cool Baby Gift Store I thought Bryan would like it but when I couldn't have asked for a better response when he saw me open it. He was super excited, yelled "my 'tar" (translation= my guitar) jumped up and did a little rip on his imaginary air guitar. It was hysterical! Of course then he wanted to put in on immediately. And being the MEAN mom that I am, I didn't let him. Come on, it was like 2 minutes til bed time and I was afraid he wouldn't take it off and it'd be filthy before he even got to wear it out of the house.

When I did finally let him wear it, he was SOO happy.
I know he doesn't look happy here but he was totally psyched and this was just his tough guy 
rock 'n roll look.

He loves this sweatshirt and wears it all the time and ALWAYS with the hood up.

And I had to include a photo of the back because THIS is WHY he loves it so much.

This piece is PERFECT for our midwest weather as a nice light outer layer when its not quiet warm enough to be out without a jacket. 

And there are sooo many other cool items you should check out at Cool Baby Gift Store


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