Apr 6, 2010

Five Things

Thanks to my friends at Journal Buddies, each day I get a journaling tip, topic or suggest on facebook. It's often something I file away (mentally) to help myself or my kids improve their writing. But today's made me think....

JOURNALING TOPIC: Write down five things you have done right in your life.

Five things I've done right.... I could give you 5 thousand I've done wrong. But the the first few things that come to mind as having done right, I didn't really do. I wanna say my three greatest accomplishments are my boys. But as hard as I try to be a good mom, I have learned that we can only take credit (or blame) for a very small portion of who are kids really are. And the truly awe inspiring parts of kids...well I didn't have any part of that!
But then there just isn't much I can feel like I can really take credit for.
I think one of the best things I've done was to give my life to Christ, and becoming an active part of the church. Without my faith AND my amazing church family, I have no idea how we'd have gotten through the last year. But that wasn't really MY doing either.
And another thing I'm pretty proud of is having committed to the vow I took and sticking things out with our marriage even after they got to the point I really felt it was too late and I went ahead and filed papers. But as often as I've been told how proud people are of me, I really can't take all the credit there!

Ok so I really can't think of anything that I have really done right in my life! How crazy is that? Luckily for me, despite my apparently consistent attempts to really mess things up, things are pretty alright in my life.

So here are the 5 things that are RIGHT IN MY LIFE
  1. I have an amazing God! Even in our lowest of lows he's lifted us up and brought us through.
  2. I have my husband. We may not have the perfect marriage but we are two equally imperfect people, how much can you really expect! But we are committed to each other!
  3. I have 3 amazing children. I'm not sure how anyone can look at a newborn baby and NOT believe in miracles!
  4. I have a job in these tough times. It may not be perfect but I'm darn glad to have it!!
  5. We have much! We are truly bless. There are days its hard to remember that when we live in an area we don't always feel safe or are constantly having car trouble, but we have never known a day of real hunger or what it is like to go with heat or shelter!

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  1. Lisa.... your words are so filled with truth, life and love. I am inspired by you!

    Thank you for taking my journaling idea and so openly sharing your thoughts with the world.

    May you and your family continue to blessed beyond your wildest imaginations.

    Author of Journal Buddies


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