Apr 30, 2010

For the Dads...

I recently asked my facebook friends who read my blog and was surprised when several guys said they did!

So since Mother's Day is coming up, I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk to the guys.

First, in case you aren't aware, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th.

Secondly, if you've been under the impression that you need not doing anything for your wife on Mother's Day because "hey, she's not MY mother" you are sooo wrong. It is totally your responsibility to make sure your kids do something wonderful for their mom and that she in general has a nice day.

Third, there is a reason Mother's Day comes BEFORE Father's Day. So if you're hoping for some nice new golf clubs or new techno gadget...you MAY want to reread the previous paragraph!

Fourth, with Mom's it REALLY is the thought that counts. Flowers...while nice, should really be left for the 'just because I love you moments' when they won't be expected. If you DO get flowers, make sure you at least know her favorite flower.
Nice gifts such as spa gift cards or jewelry are also nice. But the most appreciated gift will be one that took more time and thought, such as helping the kids make a gift themselves. Or have the kids make handmade cards and present them to her with breakfast in bed that you and the kids have made. I'm sure there will be exceptions to the rule but in the 6 Mother's Day's I've had my absolute favorite included some handmade cards and breakfast in bed, which my oldest made all by himself. Breakfast was a can of Pepsi and cold cereal but what made it so special was that he hopped right out of bed thinking about me and the fact that he wanted to bring me breakfast before I had a chance to get up and moving for the morning. PRICELESS!!

So, gentlemen, start thinking now!! And do me a favor a put just a little extra effort into it this year. I mean, really, she handles ALL the other holidays throughout the year, right? Do you even KNOW what your kids got for their birthdays before they open it? If not, take this as opportunity to really show her how much you appreciate all the effort she puts into everything!!

And just because I'm sooo helpful here are some DIY ideas courtesy of Debbie Scaccio, Arts & Crafts Specialist, and the staff at Block Institute.*

Mother’s Day Craft Suggestions:
· Tissue paper flowers. With the help of an adult, cut 2or 3 inch circles out of tissue paper. Attach with a chenille stem (pipe cleaner) by slightly poking a hole through 6 tissue paper circles. Have the child crumple each circle individually in the shape of a flower. You can make 3 or more flowers to make a lovely bouquet.
· Decoupage vase. Using tissue paper or magazine pictures, cut out or tear assorted shapes. Glue them with a white glue to an empty water bottle or other long necked plastic bottle. Place the paper over the entire bottle. Finish with a coat of a clear glaze, like Modge Podge. You may want to place fresh flowers or tissue paper flowers in the vase.
· Construction paper cards. Using colored construction paper, cut the shape of a butterfly, flower or a heart. Fold in half so the card is symmetrical. Have the child decorate the card with stickers or peel and stick foam stickers. Add a Mother’s Day poem to the center of the card
· Wood Jewelry Box. Decorate a store bought wood box with paint using a sea sponge. Have the child dip the sponge into a paper plate with assorted paint colors and gently dab the sponge on the box, creating different colors and textures. Let dry. Seal the box with a glaze. Decorate with assorted plastic gemstones and pearls.
· Potpourri sachets. Buy store bought dried flowers or potpourri. Cut a 6 inch piece of nylon tulle or other lightweight cotton fabric. Place the potpourri in the middle of the fabric and help the child place a rubber band around the edges. Secure the sachet with a satin or other ribbon.

*Block is an educational facility in New York City dedicated to providing services to children and adults with special needs ranging from global development delays to cerebral palsy and many other conditions.

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  1. And might I add that "babysitting" is a great gift too. At some point during Mother's Day week (not the actual day because she'll want to be with her family), offer to watch all the kids so that she can go get lunch, meet a friend, or whatever.


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