Apr 27, 2010

Glasses US Review

Hi, my name's Lisa and I've been been visually impaired for over 20 years.  It started off small when I was in 6th grade, realizing that the chalk board the history teacher had filled with notes looked liked someone had smeared the heck out of...but my classmates were feverishly copying stuff down without issue.  Today, I can hardly function without my glasses and will not go more than the first few minutes I'm awake without them.
I've tried contacts and will wear them for special occasions, but day to day, I'm simply too lazy for all that.
My eyes have obviously worsened but they've done it slowly over time and I've for the most part worn the same pair of glasses for many years until its more the scratches than the prescription that necesitates a new pair.  But this year just as we were getting ready to schedule our eye exams, I was contacted by GlassesUSA.com to try a pair of their glasses.
At first I was hesitant, not knowing how getting something like glasses online, would really work. I mean how would I know if I like them ON me?  But then, I realized, I never actually  know if I like them until I get them anyway.  If you wear glasses for anything more than reading, maybe you know what you mean.  I can try on a hundred pairs of glasses but since I've had to take OFF the pair that helps me see to try on these other pairs, I'm really just stabbing in the dark and trusting whomever's opinion I'm asking to do me well!
So I went to the eye Dr, and asked for my prescription.  I'll be honest and say that was feat #1 for me as I have issue with feeling like I'm cheating someone and so getting my exam and then asking for the Rx makes me feel like they KNOW what I'm doing.  But they didn't care at all and happily gave me the Rx. This MAY have been eased by the payment for 4 exams and 2 glasses that was made at this same time, but whatever, they glad gave me what I needed.
Then I picked out my frames, faxed over my prescription etc and in maybe 2 days longer than it took for the other glasses to arrive at the store I had mine in hand.  I've been wearing them for several weeks and I can't say I've gotten a ton of compliments because, well most people don't notice because I stuck with a pair that are dang near identical to what I had.  But I can tell a difference.  These are super light and very comfortable. At first they were so light, it made me nervous.  But they're really perfect.  They are super light and they're easy to adjust myself to fit around my ears the way I want but they aren't easily bent out of whack.
I'll definitely be ordering more soon...I just can't decide whether I want to bold and try something really different for me or not.

Disclaimer: I received a free pair of glasses in order to facilitate a review, but the feedback provided is my honest personal opinion.

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  1. I know what you mean on all counts. :) I'm as blind as a bat! And I hate wearing glasses. But I do it every day. Lightweight sounds great, especially when you need such thick lenses (which I do).


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