Apr 5, 2010

So now what??

As you'll recall if you've been following along here, I gave up sweets for Lent.
I know this tradition is lost on many people who think it's pointless. But for me it's a refreshing exercise is restraint. Granted my lack of calories laden goodness is nothing compared the real sacrifice of the season. But for me at least, giving up something I regularly do gives me a constant reminder of the season and that sacrifice. And that's what it's all about.
So I spent lent avoiding a ton of things I usually really really enjoy. From ice cream to my daily Pepsi, I can proudly say I managed sweet free all but ONE day. So I gave myself one by, it was church spaghetti dinner, so that has to count for something, right!? Plus my father made, all on his own, a CHEESECAKE for crying out loud. Of all things, it has to be one of my very worst weaknesses. So yes, I had one slice!
So yesterday was Easter, you know in case you've forgotten, and while I had intended to make this sugar thing a more permanent thing to work on weight loss I figured I could indulge ON Easter. But then I couldn't find anything truly worth enjoying. Not that I didn't try. And I did have a yummy slice of root beer cake with some cool whip. That WAS good. But nothing I tried was the to die for satisfying experience I was looking for!
So, I should just be happy, pack up my sweet tooth and be happy that sweets seem to have lost some luster...but I'm left a little bummed. Food is clearly my drug of choice and it's like I've lost my go to high! Granted I still enjoy much, ok too much, alternatives. But it seems my bad days may no longer be soothed by my old buddies Ben or Jerry!

Guess I better, just bust out my brand new Hungry Girl cookbook, I won from my friend, Tricia and attempt to follow in her ever shrinking footsteps!! Check her out here if you could use some motivation too.

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