Apr 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

So obviously if we're talking my top most loved things, this really doesn't make the list but I thought I'd dig a little to share something quite so obvious as loving my children or spouse.

So here's one of my loves.  You see I grew up on Mac N Cheese when I was little.  My mom, bless her heart (hey, I can use that even though I grew up no where close to the south, right?) was NOT  a great cook.  And lucky me...well I inherited this defective cooking gene.  I like to claim to be clinging to my love of Mac N Cheese because of our life long relationship and the memories, really it has nothing to do with my inability to make a "real" meal!

And I love the Easy Mac for lunch.  It really is just as good AND I can make it easily at work.

So there you go there's my rather immature food love.  I <3 Easy Mac!

Things I Love Thursday is brought to you by TheDiaperDiaries.


  1. Wow...the last time I ate good old Kraft in the blue box I didn't like it...I LOVE the Velveeta though...or the Deluxe Kraft.

  2. We just had mac and cheese for dinner tonight! It makes my hubby and kids VERY happy, and I really do like the taste as well.

  3. I love the Kraft mac and cheese! I don't think the easy mac tastes the same, but I try not to eat too much to actually get a good idea.


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