Apr 27, 2010

What do you want for Mother's Day?

I've spent a lot of time the last couple weeks agonizing over this Mother's Day. It will be a very difficult one for me as it will be the first without my mom.
But today, I'm looking on the bright side.

JuiceBoxJungle has asked prompted me to consider, what would I do on mother's day if money and essentially responsibility were not a factor!?!? Seriously, I don't know that I can even pretend that anymore. I won't say I'm one of those moms who's fully lost herself to motherhood. I DO live my life for my kids and let their schedules have a lot of control over our time. But I cling to my own hobbies and have my kids almost as equally passionate about many of the things I am. And I make time, not a lot but some, to get out with friends even if it is usually after the kids are in bed. But to really throw caution and budget to the wind and consider my ideal Mother's Day...I'm a little lost.
I will say, it'd definitely include my kids. That's simply a given for me. But I would love to spend the day somewhere where I didn't have to lift a finger. To simply be able to experience time with my family and have ALL our needs/wants taken care of. I think I'd go the most amazing resort I could find. You know the kind the truly filthy rich go to where they rent their own private beach so there is no worry of losing track of the kids amongst the crowd. There'd be someone to refill our drinks constantly and even take the kids out swimming when I wanted a break. I might sneak in a spa treatment while the kids got to do some super cool activity. But I can promise you it would NOT be the type of treatment that celebs are currently making popular thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt I can PROMISE you that!! (If you've missed this latest trend you can watch her talk about it here.)

So how would YOU spend Mother's Day if time and money were not an issue, and if you could shed the role of mother without any guilt or regret for a day.  What indulgent desire would you fulfill this Mother's Day?

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  1. Well I AM one of those moms who has completely lost her identity. The only hobby I really have is photography, which I adore. So my special day (if alone) would involve a relaxing day taking pictures, drinking coffee, thinking (which I never find time to do), reading, and enjoying nature...like flowers, cool breeze, etc. There would probably be a light rain and an overcast sky on my perfect day.

    I would of course be with my family on Mother's Day and wouldn't want it any other way. But I agree that I wouldn't want to have to lift a finger!


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