May 24, 2010

Agoo: Clothing for Active Kids

Aren't these cute???  You know what would make them CUTER?? If you could get them for .01(regularly priced $10-12)!  Well 25 of you can.  The first 25 of you to visit AGOO and purchase a pair using the code 1centleg9 will get 1 pair for just .01 (plus shipping).

Edited to add: I was just informed shipping is $8 flat rate in the US.  So .01 may not be such a deal for everyone.  But if you see other stuff that you love, add a pair for a .01 and you're doing good.  Sorry for the confusion, I should have checked the shipping cost before posting.

While you're there you can also check out their new Tushie Huggers which are A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!  I keep forgetting to snap a pic of Bryan in them but they are soooo soft and cuddly.  I'd try to squeeze into them myself if I could!
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  1. Seems like a great deal until I found out shipping was $8.00! That's really high for ONE pair of leggings.

  2. Looks like a great idea until you get to the shipping and it's $8!! I've had babylegs shipped to me from ebay for .79. Thanks but sadly their shipping is ridiculous :(.

  3. yeah too bad the hipping cost... but they look really cute! i still have to make up my mind :)


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