May 3, 2010

Not Me Monday, 5-3-10

This weekend we were supposed to get up bright and early and head to a Cubmobile race. We DID get up bright and early but then...well then we had some issues. Timmy has been having some really rough mornings and Saturday was no exception. So he was given a final warning that if he didn't get his act together we'd lose the right to go to the race since that was an event only for him. Then he proceeded to spit on his brother! So he lost out! And being the 100% firm and consistent that I am I did NOT then take the family to Six Flags Great American, not once but twice this weekend. Nope, I'm not a push over at all!!!

I also did NOT have an amazing time!! Seriously, I didn't know how this would go but I am really looking forward to this summer. I know it will get busier and will be less fun then but we'll head out as often as we can on less than perfect days to take advantage of short wait times.

I did NOT refuse to pay $1 to let the kids drive remote control boats, but instead let them pretend anyway.

My two year old was NOT one of those kids who had to be carried of a ride screaming because he did not want to be done.

I was NOT at all nervous about letting Bryan ride this ride, and he did NOT have small fit after being put on it but then end up LOVING it more and being braver than his big brothers!

He did NOT smile through this entire ride.

I did NOT decide my 36 1/2" wouldn't be going on this small kiddy coaster even though the height requirement was 36"

I did NOT encourage my little man to stick his hand in Scooby's mouth only to find some nastiness in there! YUCK

One of these bald guys is NOT my husband and I do NOT think the likeness is HYSTERICAL!

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  1. That looks like SO much fun!!!! You know, I had to chuckle because you weren't in the photos and mine are all like that too!


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