Jun 1, 2010

Blackhawks fever

In case you aren't a hockey fan, it just so happens that the Chicago Blackhawks are in the playoffs for the Stanley Cup. I have to be honest and say I haven't really followed the Hawks before simply because locally the Wolves are a cheaper ticket and I LOVE watching sports LIVE. But after just one perioud of the first game this weekend, I was hooked. I can't believe the level of intensity compared to the Wolves. With the first game ending in a 5-6 win for the Hawks, it was a FUN watch. And game two while a MUCH lower scoring game didn't let me down either. I seriously held my breath for the last two minutes as the Flyer fought hard to get a game tying goal, but thankfully failed.

And the boys have hockey fever, even though they have yet to see any game play since they start at bedtime! This morning they were playing "hockey" with a plau coin across our coffee table. And even our littlest fan gets excited at the mere mention of watching hockey!

So we're all hoping for a lot more of this action to come this week!!

My sincere apologies to any Flyers fans, I hope we can still be friends!! :)


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