Jun 1, 2010


As reviewed here, Cool Sports Dad is on sale today.  Pick one up for the Cool Sports Dad in your family for Father's Day.

Want to be the Coolest Dad on the Block? Let David Wright, Aaron Rodgers, and Other Pros Show You How!

75 Amazing Sporting Tricks to Teach
and Impress Your Kids

By David Fischer

Fathers may not know how to swish foul shots or throw the perfect spiral, but NBA star Grant Hill and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers do! With Cool Sports Dad, all Dads will have the sports know-how to really impress their kids. Sports greats like Derick Rose of the Chicago Bulls and New York Rangers Captain Chris Drury help hads stay on top of every detail behind every sport! Out in time for Father’s Day, Cool Sports Dad is packed with mini essays with step-by-step instruction from the world’s most knowledgeable sportsexperts. Dads can learn:
·        How to steal a base from White Sox outfielder Juan Pierre
·        How to catch more touchdowns from star NFL wide receiver Torry Holt
·        How to fire a fastball from former all-star pitcher Jason Marquis
·        How to skate backwards on hockey skates from Washington Capitals defenseman Tom Poti
·        How to serve an ace from pro tennis player James Blake
·        How to escape a sand trap from golf legend Gary Player
·        How to choose the right bowling ball from pro bowler Chris Barnes
·        How to ride a rail on a skateboard from pro skateboarder Bucky Lasek
·        and much, much more!

The contributors range from instantly recognizable All-Star names like Jerome Bettis and David Wright, to the next generation of extreme athletes like BMX biker and 2005 X Games silver medalist Scotty Cranmer and Bass-masters fishing champion Kevin Van Dam. All of these stars have been chosen for inclusion because they are at the very top of their profession, be it basketball, baseball, football, BMX racing or even fishing. That makes them perfectly equipped to teach you how to teach and impress your children – and establish yourself as the Cool Sports Dad that you really are!

This book is the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad, and a great resource for any father!

About the Author:
David Fischer has written numerous books on sports for adults and young readers, including Greatest Sports Rivalries, The 50 Coolest Jobs in Sports, and Do Curve Balls Really Curve? He has written for the New York Times and Sports Illustrated for Kids, and has worked for Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports, and the National Sports Daily. He was presented a Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing in 1998. David lives in River Vale, New Jersey with his wife Carolyn and children Rachel and Jack. He has been a cool sports dad for fifteen years.


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