Jun 21, 2010

A High Seas Expedition, Day 1

Today starts Vacation Bible School at our church.  I'll be leaving work shortly to help serve along with my husband.

It's a yucky day so I hope that doesn't dampen the spirits.  We have an amazing team, who have designed a amazing setting for this event.  Hoping everyone has a wonderful time and we touch some hearts this week.

PS, for those who've been praying for our mission team, they made it home safely last night, thank you for all your prayers.


  1. Oh have fun at VBS! We are holding ours the week of July 19-23. We're doing the Galactic Blast theme. Hope you touch many small hearts/minds this week. May the blessings flow.

  2. Love this! I just dropped off my oldest son for his second day of VBS. High Seas and he's loving it. The first day, I cried after I dropped him off. (Yes I did, so there.) Today? I was almost dancing my way to the car. I have THREE HOURS OFF with only one child to look after.

    No guilt here. And he gets to play with other kids, hear the gospel, and get tired out for a long nap. Oh, how I love VBS. Wish they had it for husbands.

  3. Ok my last comment got lost--I just dropped my son off yesterday at his first VBS ever (he's 4). I cried when I left...today I almost danced my way to the car. Three hourss with only one child? Whoo-eee. And yes, he gets to play, hear the gospel, and get very tired for a long nap.

    Can they do VBS for husbands?

  4. Hi! I'm stopping by and I'm one of your newest followers :) My son just finished VBS at our church and they had the High Seas theme and he LOVED it!!!! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!!


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