Jun 15, 2010

What would YOU do?

Why is it that we get a 1000 page manual for some many things in life, but the one trickiest thing, we are left to figure out all on our own.  When it comes to our kids, I'm continually amazed by how often we're left to completely make it up as we go.
This past weekend, I got a text from a good friend.  She had no idea what to do because her daughter found THIS in her yard.
It was alive but cold and wet.  Her daughter brought it into the house and wanted to do her best to care for it.
Her daughter has the most amazing heart and wanted so badly to help this little creature.  So they brought it in the house.  Her daughter dried it off while she googled.  She found that, as expected, the chances of getting this little thing to survive were slim.  But her daughter wanted to try.  They got out a heating pad and try to keep it warm.  They found that they should give it pedialyte and water.  So despite my husbands suggestion that I should just go and take it for them and tell her daughter I'd take it to be taken care of and then dispose of it, I ran out to the store and got pediatlye.  When I arrive at the house, the tiny little thing was looking more like this...
AW! And the look in her daughters eyes proved, why she could not tell her no.
They mixed the pedialyte as directed and her daughter gave it some.  But unfortunately it passed away very shortly after that.
Her daughter was broken hearted so I left so she could do her best to comfort her.

So here's my question...what in the world can you do in this situation?  It's a serious no win situation.
Tell the child they can't try and help it you break their heart.
Let them try and they get their hearts broken.



  1. LISA! OMG!
    Why would you bring me to see this? :( Now I'm sad.

    Dang it! I am mad that it died >:(

    I hope this situation does not happen again.. but if it does..

    YOU HAVE TO make the baby pee/pooo by stimulating the area. AL you have to do is flick the little peepee. It will pee and poop (IF not done the baby will die)

    Now it is very very triky to feed the baby because baby rats can not burp. So you have to be very careful to get no air bubbles in it. The best thing to do is make a sugar/water mixture and give that to the baby. You can look that up online for more info.

    The next important thing to do i make sure you keep it warm, they get cold very easily.

    I hope this won't happen again but if it does hopefully this helps.

    -Amanda T

  2. Awww! Touching story! I would definitely let my kids try to save it's life. I think it's a good lesson in compassion, not to mention a good lesson in reality & the cycle of life/death.

  3. Ah, it was sweet your daughter wanted to help the poor little thing! Thanks for following me at Savings Corner. I am following you too. Thanks Tina

  4. Oh my goodness what is it? I'd be a little freaked out if one of my kids brought it in just because it is wild, though a little cute I guess.
    P.S. I'm here from Human Christian. Thanks for stopping by. I'm now following you :)

  5. Awwww. :( I have no idea what I would have done!

    Just wanted to let you know I'm returning your follow...you have a great blog!

  6. Poor thing. It looks like a squirrel. The best thing to do would be take it to a vet. Squirrels are very hard to take care of unless you have some experience.

    Following you back! I love your blog!

  7. She has a wonderful heart and it's awful that it passed away. Still your daughter knows that she did what she could.

    Thanks for following me, I'm now following you as well.

  8. HI I am stopping by from Follow Me Back Tuesday. Thank you for linking up. Already a follower of your cute blog.
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  9. So sad! I have two little ones who would have been heart broken!

    P.S.I am your newest follower


  10. What a sweet girl!! So sad that it died though. My kids once found a baby bird that was thrown from it's nest and tried to help it, but it also died. :( I think I would let them have that experience again.

    I'm sorry....just making it over from FMBT! Been in the hosptial and running all over getting ready for surgery next month. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm following you with both of mine now!!

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  11. I was raised to bring in any animal that was not well. Some passed on.I learned at an early age every life is important. We always burried the animal and made a little grave for clossure.


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