Jul 14, 2010

House Partypalooza

I have been part of Child's Play communications for awhile as a blogger and they are WONDERFUL to work with.  They're just starting a new program and you do NOT have to be a blogger to take part so I thought I'd share it with you all.

What is House Partypalooza?
Are you interested in hosting exclusive house parties in your community?
House Partypalooza is Child's Play Communications' own house party program. Child's Play works with a select number of moms across the country to host exclusive house parties for a broad range of companies.
As a host, you will invite other moms in your community – and on occasion their kids – to participate in a fun-filled party! Child’s Play will create a detailed party package that includes information on the line, specific party ideas, product samples and ideally coupons.
What are the selection criteria for being a House Partypalooza host?
We select hosts based on such criteria as location, enthusiasm, social media participation, and community reach. You are not required to be a blogger to be a House Partypalooza host – but it is a plus!
How often will I have to host parties?
We realize that you are a busy, hard-working mom, and hosting a party can take a lot of planning and effort. House Partypalooza is an occasional program, and we will never ask you to host more than one party every quarter.
What's involved in hosting a party?
Each house party will be different. Child's Play will provide you with a detailed party package that will include step-by-step instructions to assist you in the planning and execution of your party. We also ask all host moms to take a few photos of the party and we encourage them to spread the word online (blog posts, tweets and on Facebook). We may also request a “wrap up” report of your party. Sometimes, there will be a questionnaire to fill out for an individual client.
Will I get paid for my time?
Yes. Compensation for hosting a party varies depending on the project.
Can I recommend other moms to participate in House Partypalooza?
Absolutely! In fact, if you are referring another mom to the program, please have her indicate that on the application itself.
Do I have to participate in every House Partypalooza project?
No. You are not required to participate in every House Partypalooza project. We do ask that you respond to all house party announcements to remain a host.
For more information, please contact:
Marie Baker
Child's Play Communications
If you are interested in becoming a host for House Partypalooza, we invite you to fill out the application – click here!

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