Jul 15, 2010

Outdoor Fun from International Playthings review

What better way to enjoy the springtime than by getting the kids off the couch and outside for some active play? These days, little ones are spending way too much time in front of the computer, playing video games, and watching TV. In fact, The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine recently found that children with more TV exposure tend to participate less in class and have lower math grades. They are also less likely to be physically active on weekends, and have body mass index scores that are about 5 percent higher than their peers. International Playthings loves to encourage productive play by offering a range of toys that get kids into the great outdoors!

Soccer Trainer
The soccer trainer set is fun to use while improving ball control and coordination while practicing kicks!  The set includes an 8-inch ball that is attached to the base.  The ball is easy to inflate using the included pump whose needle stores inside the handle.  Before playing, simply weight the base with either sand or water.  It is versatile and can be played alone or with a friend! Soccer Trainer, for ages 3+, retails for $19.99.

Big Fat Foam Bat
This bat is designed and weighted specially for young children!  This big, fat, foam bat comes with a large foam ball.  It’s great for beginning batters and improving hand-eye coordination.  For ages 3+, the bat and ball retail for $9.99.

My boys, well at least the two pictured here, are ALL about being outside.  When Bryan saw this bat and ball, he immediately wanted to go outside.  With his older brothers playing baseball, he of course wants to play to.  Unfortunately, his big brothers have broken every t-ball set we've ever had.  So for some reason Timmy decided he'd be a human T.  This made Bryan's day.  He will play with this bat as long as you can stand to play with him.  He isn't quite the slugger his older brother is, Timmy was hitting pitched balls pretty consistently at this age already.  But lets just say I would keep an eye on him when he's got that bat in his hand!  I only wish the others were still content to play with a foam bat.  Three boys swinging things makes our fairly big yard feel VERY small!
We have had similar bats in the past and some last better than others but so far we've been enjoying this bat for awhile and its still in great shape.

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