Jul 12, 2010

Relay For Life 2010

So this weekend was the big weekend for Relay For Life.  
Our team raised over $3000 and the event total was over $162,000!!!
If by chance you would like to donate and haven't yet, you can still do so online through Aug 31st.

The event went well.  We did NOT spend the night but we were there until after midnight.

When we arrived there was a LARGE wall of rain just to the south west of the track.  It looked as if we would SURELY be rained on.  But the clouds were quite literally parted right around us, and formed just to the northeast again.  It was warm (but nothing like it has been in previous years) but it was HUMID!  But since set up starts at 4 and the event actually starts @ 6pm, we were quickly given relief and it made for a comfortable night.

The first lap is walked by the Survivors.  Which is bittersweet.  On one hand you see how many people just in our small (relative) attendance have had to battle for their lives and that is sad and discouraging.  But on the other hand, it is awesome to see how many of them have been it and are doing so well.

My littlest Relay-er, who I'm pretty sure walked more laps than the rest of my family, most of which looked a lot like this, holding the hand of one of a couple of different friends daughters!  I couldn't believe how he just keep popping back up and telling someone "I wanna walk!"

One group "make your own capes" as a fundraiser, which I couldn't pass up.
Here is Super Timmy (totally over exposed but too cute not to share) and we also had Captain Johnny and Super Bryan!

Throughout the night they have different "theme laps."   One theme was crazy hats and one of our nieces brought this great hat, which Bryan loved!

And we collected cool shades, vampire teeth and minions by playing games.  There is always tons of fun to be had at Relay!

And a few rare moments spent together.

But the real reason we do it all is this....because of our loved ones who've battled this horrible disease.  This year's Relay is dedicated to my mom, my best friend.  We will keep fighting for her so that maybe someday no one will have to know the pain of watching such a wonderful person suffer such a long, hard fight!


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