Jul 16, 2010

WNBA, Expect Great.

Have you checked out the WNBA?  As the true queen of my all male ('cept the dog) castle, I really feel like that in addition to getting my boys to find the best in themselves and their passions, it is also my job to see the potential in others.  For me this is especially important when it comes to the way my boys view the capabilities of women. And while I DO realize that there are differences between men and women, that when it comes to MOST things at least SOME women can do just as well as men.  One way to teach them, SHOW them.  How about taking them to an amazing display of female atheism?  And to make this idea even better, the WNBA is offering some great deals right now.

Chicago Sky Ticket Discount: Save up to 27% off tickets

For info on all WNBA teams promotions just go to TicketMaster.com/wnba and enter the promo code WNBABLOG and experience the exciting, affordable and family-friendly entertainment of the WNBA!

The WNBA is deeply committed to creating programs that improve the quality of life for all people, with a special emphasis on programs that promote a healthy lifestyle and positive body image, increase breast and women's health awareness, support youth and family development, and focus on education.  From August 3 - 10th all teams will be hosting in-arena promotions and activities. 
Attend a Special Breast Health Awareness game in your are in August:
Atlanta - August 3
Chicago - August 7
Connecticut - August 8
Indiana - August 6
Los Angeles - August 10
Minnesota - July 27
New York - August 6
Phoenix - August 6 & 8
San Antonio - August 13
Seattle - August 4
Tulsa - July 30
Washington DC - August 1

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  1. Have you chosen winners for all your giveaways? There was a Sid the Science Kid DVD that I was hoping I'd win a while back. I haven't seen any "winners" posts in a while. So I was just wondering if you had already picked for everything.


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