Aug 26, 2010

Boys are Back in School

Yesterday I officially became the mother of first and second graders.  I'm really not sure where the time has gone.  It seems like just yesterday I was stopping at my mom's house to take a first day photo of Timmy before his first day at PRESCHOOL because I'd forgotten before we left our house and went to work for the morning.  A lot has changed since that day almost 4 year ago, some good, some not so good but sometimes its been the not so good that has really taught me to appreciate and have pride in my kids.

These boys, while hugely different in many ways, are both amazing, intelligent, thoughtful, honest, caring and SUPER cute kids that I am VERY proud to call mine!

My Second Grader, first day 2010
My First Grader, first day 2010

My BIG kids

All my boys!
When I asked the older boys to crouch down next to Bryan, he insisted on doing the same thing as they did!


  1. They sure are cute!!! They all have those baby blues too!

  2. What handsome young men!!! Your first two could pass as twins!! How cute is that little Bryan??!!

    School doesn't start til Sept. 7th here...I will have a high school freshman (EGADS!!), a 6th grader and a preschooler....yikes.


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